Green Pea Soup

Easy Green Pea Soup | Vegan Hernekeitto & GF

This Green Pea Soup is comforting, easy to make for quick weeknight dinners, and healthy. This soup is traditional in Scandinavian countries, with different names: รคrtsoppa (Sweden), hernekeitto (Finland), ertesuppe (Norway), รฆrter de gule (Denmark). The ingredients also vary. Green peas are used in Finland and yellow peas in other countries. We only need simple …

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Applesauce | Vegan Natural Sweetener

This Natural Sweetener is one of our favourite sweeteners made with only apples. We usually use it in our sweet recipes: crepes (Easy Mini Crepes), muffins (Cherry Chocolate Muffins), pancakes, brownies, waffles… everything you can imagine. It is easy and very versatile. This sweetener is appropiate for everyone. Want to watch the full recipe video? Check …

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