Vegan wholesome chocolate bread 2

| Breakfast |

Pane al Cioccolato | Vegan Chocolate Bread Buns

Creamy Vegan Cauliflower pasta 3

| 30 min |

5-Ingredient Creamy Cauliflower pasta

Protein Okara Crackers 5

| Sides |

Protein Okara Crackers

Dutch vegan cinnamon rolls 4

| Dessert |

Dutch Cinnamon Rolls

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earthy maite

Welcome to Earthy Maite!

My name is Maite, I am a professional Food Photographer and food enthusiast. I love cooking and finding the kitchen a mindful space to enjoy food while I capture the beauty of it throught my lenses.

I love recreating classic recipes and making them healthy and vegan but also delicious, so yes..! Here you can find Healthy (Wholesome and Naturally Sweetened) Vegan recipes. 

Here you will find Wholesome & Sustainable Plant-based recipes, but also my work as a photographer!