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EASY Roasted Pepper Pasta | Vegan

This Easy Summer pasta is comforting and light, perfect for these last summer days. You will only need 5 ingredients, pantry staples! We only need to add all the ingredients to a food processor or small blender: This is an incredibly versatile pasta dish to garnish with some more parsley and black olives on top. […]

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Salsa Verde | Vegan

This sauce is EASY and you only need 5 MINUTES to make. It is a typical Spanish Sauce to top in salads and sides. It is a BASIC to garnish your favourite recipes.We only need pantry staple ingredients: olive oil, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper, and a food proccessor.It is perfect to add to Our […]

Basics, Gluten Free, Sides

Green DIP | Vegan Edamame Pea Spread

This green DIP is all you will need to spread in toasts, sandwiches, bruschettas or Healthy French Fries. This Edamame and Green Pea Spread is savory and super smooth. It is EASY to make with simple ingredients: Edamames, Green Peas, Tahini, Olive Oil, Fresh garlic… It is the perfect DIP to prepare with other savoury and […]

Basics, Gluten Free, Sides

Pink DIP | Vegan Hummus

This Pink Hummus is a basic creamy and indulgent sauce to DIP in with raw veggies, bread or crackers. It is so simple to make and you only need few ingredients and 5 minutes. The beautiful pink color is created by beetroots and the creaminess by Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Tahini.It is the perfect […]


Vegan Fideuá | Mediterranean Pasta

This Mediterranean Typical pasta is a staple in our diet here in Spain. The fideuá is typically made with any kind of ingredients and broth. We can find it in every restaurant around Catalonia. This simple fideuá in particular is packed with flavor and lot of vegetables: onion, carrots, zucchini, red and green pepper and […]