Healthy Kid-Friendly

Here you have our favourite Vegan Kid-Friendly recipes.
All of these recipes are suitable for kids since they are all healthy, with wholefood ingredients and no added sugars.
As they are easy recipes to make, children can also participate in the cooking process. So, they can enjoy cooking new recipes as they learn how to eat healthy and delicious.

We do not want to forget that a healthy-balanced and planned vegan diet is important for the growth of children.

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Mushroom Walnut Paté | Vegan

This meaty and nutty savory paté is all you will need to spread in toasts, sandwiches, bruschettas or Healthy French Fries. It is EASY to make with simple ingredients: mushrooms, onion, garlic, walnuts…The base of it is sautéed mushrooms and red onion. Thanks to walnuts and tahini we obtain a perfect texture and a plus in […]