If you want inspiration for your next breakfasts, here you will find healthy but delicious sweet and savory breakfast recipes. Home made cereals, healthy granola, muffins, savory muffins, protein cookies… As always, all of the recipes are Wholefood and the sweet ones are Naturally Sweetened!
Chocolate Vegan Granola 5

Chocolate Granola | Vegan & Naturally Sweetened

This Chocolate Granola is all you need if you love chocolate (who doesn’t?) but want to eat healthy: no sugar-syrup and oils, aka WHOLEFOOD with only real foods. Very EASY to make and satisfying. This granola is perfect to have it with plant-based yogurt and fresh fruit, as a snack or with fresh or hot vegetable …

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Vegan Chickpea Pancakes 2

Chickpea Savory Pancakes | Vegan

These Savory Chickpea Pancakes are so easy to make and very versatile. The perfect savory breakfast or satisfying brunch! They are served with this Lentil Salad with Vegan Feta. They are also suitable for Kids because they are high in protein and iron. Only simple ingredients are needed: Chickpea flour, oat flour, EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive …

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Browffins | Vegan

These Browffins are my two favourite chocolate recipes combined into one: Muffins and Brownie. These HEALTHY browffins are super tender and moist. They are Naturally Sweetened: Apples and Date Paste. So EASY to make and insanely delicious. They are also perfect for a quick breakfast or snack and perfect for Kids. The recipe is sweetened with no …

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Healthy Thumbprint Cookies | Vegan + Naturally Sweetened

As you will know, I like to make cookies that not only are yummy but also Healthy! These thumbprint cookies are High in Protein thanks to the chickpeas (plantbased protein here!). They are EASY, quick and we only need 6 INGREDIENTS to cook them.In fact, they are perfect for kids because they can eat plantbased …

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Carrot Cake Porridge | Vegan

This porridge is the perfect EASY and QUICK fall breakfast. This Naturally Sweetened porridge is like your everyday porridge but healthier. The spiced apples are super easy to make but the perfect combo. We use our Healthy Pumpkin Butter to Naturally Sweeten this porridge:We also top this Carrot Cake Porridge with walnuts (hellooo omega-3), wild …

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Healthy Pumpkin Granola | Vegan

The Healthiest Fall Granola (no sugar-syrup and oils, aka WHOLEFOOD) for your cold and autumn breakfasts with plant based yogurt and fresh fruit, as a snack or with fresh or hot vegetable milk. Very EASY to make and satifying. We love making this recipe in bulk to have breakfast ready when we are in a hurry. We start with… Step …

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Vegan Cinnamon Cereals | Healthy

Cinnamon Squares have been by far one of our favourite cereals, so we decided to make our healthier and Kid-Friendly version. These cereals have nothing to envy the typical cinnamon squares we find at supermarkets. Also, they are much healthier: Naturally Sweetened and with wholefood ingredients (oats and nuts). These cereals are high in Omega-3 …

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